President/CEO’s Message


I am very pleased to welcome you to our website and to introduce GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA.

These are challenging times, but definitely exciting ones too: I hope that GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA may inspire many people to create new job opportunities through the knowledge of our leading activities,  our innovative services, our sustainability initiatives and the values on which this venture was founded.

A few years ago I “conceived” an “Italian Food Hub” in order to give life to the first independent Italian system, that is privately-owned,  for the internationalization of agri-food supply chains devoted to the Middle East regions.

The term Magazzino comes from the Arabic word ﻣﺨﺰﻥ‎ ‎, makhzan, meaning “storage”, the place  used to safeguard – from the Arabic root “kh-z-n” – to defend, to protect! And then Italia! From the extraordinary and unique biodiversity: that is the co-existence within the same ecosystem of different animal and plant species creating a perfect balance through their mutual relationships.

Defending, protecting and disseminating the Italian gastronomic culture, which leads to the “Mediterranean Diet”, recognized by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, has always been my “commitment”.

I firmly believe in enhancing the value of native agri-food heritage of the whole Italian territory; we need to guarantee the origin and traceability of each single product to be distributed, without any shortcut; we need to certify the sustainability of the involved agricultural undertakings and farms in order to ensure supply continuity throughout the International territories; and, especially, we need to ensure continuous quality control in order to safeguard end consumers, who represent, in my opinion, the most precious asset!

I have “imagined” an innovative partnership model with the Middle East and international trades to meet the increasing needs of global consumers, in areas of significant economic growth, as well as cultural development, especially in terms of food safety, by promoting in the target Countries exclusively the products bearing the “trademark” of Italian farmers and distributing them through the most important and leading trade platforms in this sector.

GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA is based on respect for land and biodiversity and aims at ensuring the conservation and development of traditional activities and crafts linked to the agriculture sector, as a whole.

GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA, in all its forms, is an amazing “adventure” which would not have been possible without those extraordinary partners with whom I have “started” all this, and without the contribution of our Customers and Colleagues, who – since the very beginning – have shared and appreciated the vision and mission of GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA.

However, this would not have been possible without the support of those who, with great effort and hard work, every day cultivate the land and take care of all the products that GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA is proud to bring to the table of consumers living in equally extraordinary Countries, such as those in the Gulf regions.

Lastly, I urge whoever is involved in the agri-food industry or is currently interested to contact us for any need or to discuss any potential cooperation opportunities.

I hope we will go beyond the expectations that many leading players in this sector have already placed in GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA, in what has been already recognized as “The Italian Food Hub”!

Thanks for your continuous support and trust,

Carlo AcamporaPresident and Chief Executive Officer of Gruppo Magazzino Italia