GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA was born and is developing in order to support the internationalization process, mainly in the Middle-Eastern Countries, of products in the Italian agricultural consortia, and of services in the Italian agri-food companies, and also to support the international dissemination activity of national, regional and territorial trade associations that deal with dairy, meat, fruit, vegetable and cereal goods, as well as bakery, confectionary and floricultural products.

Constantly fuelling the most advanced platform for the internationalization of Italian agri-food supply chains, mainly in the Middle-Eastern Regions, with farmers who apply ethical disciplines and certifications as “key players”.

Enhancing the local agri-food heritage of the entire Italian territory by guaranteeing both origin and traceability.

Internationalizing, exclusively, «100% Italian products».

This is the relentless “mission” of GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA that stems from a “vision” that consists, since its inception, in bringing the Italian food products to a high distribution level by increasing their penetration index on the shelves of the international large-scale retail trade or in Ho.Re.Ca networks: introducing high-end products; educating the new consumer on the tradition of Italian food characterized by simplicity, wholesomeness and safety; allowing the new consumers to experience new tastes and flavors typical of the Mediterranean; ensuring a continuous availability of shelved products as well as a high level of quality.


A HUB which is not just logistic and distributional but also “entrepreneurial”; the merging and the strategic interaction between important entrepreneurial realities; one, in particular, was born in Italy and gave birth to MAGAZZINO ITALIA (Italy).