GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA has created a purchasing platform through the creation of a  company, Magazzino Italia (Italy),  forming a strategic management body.

The founding members are:

GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA [formerly Società Italiana di Sviluppo  Privato] operates in favor of Italian and foreign companies in order to develop, through partnerships, new business opportunities or to implement the already existing ones, in the United Arab Emirates or in the Middle East in general. Through research, ideas and the enhancement of projects, and also through its network, it also contributes to the development of start-ups, in the foreign markets, by identifying the best business solutions, in the capacity of Advisor.

Carlo ACAMPORA is the Chairman and CEO of  GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA; he is a Member of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of MAGAZZINO ITALIA (Italy). He is also co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MAGAZZINO ITALIA (Dubai) as well as the “creator” of MAGAZZINO ITALIA and THE ITALIAN FOOD HUB projects, and also of the so-called “open source” internationalization model.

EATALY is a network of stores/shopping centers dedicated to the distribution of high-quality agri-food products. The key words that inspire this company are sustainability, responsibility and sharing: the goal is to offer quality food at reasonable prices to the broad public while communicating the production methods, the face and the history of the finest Italian food and wine producers. The stores house restaurants, bakeries, patisseries, markets and educational areas.

Oscar FARINETTI, “creator” and founder of this project, opened the first store in Turin in January 2007: a store covering an area of 11,000 square meters located inside the former Carpano Vermouth factory, which Slow Food represents, since its inception, as strategic advisor. Today, Eataly has 18 stores in Italy and many others around the world, from the United States to Japan. Oscar FARINETTI is the Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of MAGAZZINO ITALIA (Italy); his son, Francesco FARINETTI, Chief Executive Officer of Eataly, is a Member of the Board of Directors of MAGAZZINO ITALIA (Italy).

Coop is the largest retailer of Italian food products with 1,400 stores (supermarkets and hypermarkets) throughout Italy. It is a system of cooperatives run by 9 major companies (including Coop Alleanza 3.0, one of the founding partners together with Coop Adriatica) with more than one century of history. Coop has the largest range of products bearing its own brand. Tiziana PRIMORI, manager of Coop Alleanza 3.0 and Chief Executive Officer of F.I.CO. Eataly World – Bologna, is the non-executive Chairwoman of MAGAZZINO ITALIA (Italy).

The fourth founding partner is Magazzino Italia (Dubai), also founded by Imperium International and by Jamal AL HAI. Jamal AL HAI is also deputy CEO of the International Affairs and Corporate Communications of the Dubai Airports, Senior Executive Vice Chairman of the Dubai Airports and Chairman of ExecuJet Middle East, Global Jet, Alpha Tours and Al Hai Motors. Jamal AL HAI is also a member of the Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates.

The fourth member of the MAGAZZINO ITALIA (Italy) Board of Directors is H.H. Mohammed AL SHEHHI; as well as being Chairman of the Board of several strategic companies, he is, in particular, co-Chairman of MAGAZZINO ITALIA (Dubai), Chairman of Imperium International and Vice Chairman of Magazzino Halal, another company linked to GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA.


The main objectives of the Board of Directors of MAGAZZINO ITALIA (Italy) are to increase the value of the company and to defend stakeholders’ interests but, above all, to equip the society with the visibility that the Platform deserves for uniqueness, dynamism and transparency on the national territory.