Today, Dubai is the perfect HUB to distribute in the markets of the Middle Eastern and Far Eastern regions: GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA operates directly in Dubai through the offices and competences of GRUPPO MAGAZZINO ITALIA (Dubai), a company with a complete on-shore trade license, thus free from any market restrictions imposed by the country!

MAGAZZINO ITALIA (DUBAI) also operates through genuine “in-shop-stores” inside the most important large-scale retail trade chains of the United Arab Emirates with over 25 Sales Corners with an average opening rate of 2 Sales Corners per month; 50 Corners are expected to open by the end of 2018. MAGAZZINO ITALIA (Dubai) has already registered over 1000 (100% Italian) SKUs by importing and distributing, exclusively, products of several leading Italian brands.

Merely by way of example – in order to understand the enormous expansion capacity and, consequently, the agri-food product consumption of one single “destination” of the “Arab world” – just in Dubai, there are more than 685 hotels with a total of over 106,000 rooms. 9,000 operating restaurants. In terms of tourism, in 2017, Dubai has had 14,240,000 “arrivals”. 2.9 million people live in Dubai and only 10% are Emiratis, the other 90% is composed by Westerners and Asians. Each year, more than 66 million passengers go through the Dubai International Airport; each week, 6,000 flights depart from/arrive in Dubai from/for 260 destinations; the Dubai Duty Free has an annual turnover of over one billion euros. Emirates Airlines carries over 80 million passengers and 2.5 million tons of goods each year; it has a fleet of 240 wide-body airplanes and many more have already been ordered; it has the largest fleet of Airbus A380 in the world (96 current units and 46 have just been ordered): this, in the Food & Beverage industry, means catering! 

Dubai itself is a primary and strategic market for the Italian agri-food industry.

And what’s more: Dubai will host the EXPO 2020!